Everyday Short Sleeve Crewe

Everyday Short Sleeve Crewe

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The Short Sleeve Crewe from our Everyday range of thermal underwear is made from soft, lightweight 200gm rib fabric—so you can wear it solo in summer, or layer it up in winter.
Size Guide
  • Weight:  200 Lightweight
  • Fabric:  100% merino wool
  • Fit:  Slim
  • Layer:  Base Layers
  • Best for:   Outdoor & Hiking Travel & Lifestyle
  • Benefits:  Lightweight, naturally odor-resistant, breathable
  • Features:  Anti-chafe forward side seams and flatlock stitching; Raglan sleeves for freedom of movement.
  • Style:  101267
Machine wash. Dries fast in the shade, but do not tumble dry. Exact instructions on the care label.
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Excellent shirt for active pursuits. This base layer is perfectly and is excellent for every day where and active pursuits such as hiking and backpacking. The fit is perfect and better than most T shirts. August 5, 2014
Great! Love the fitted cut of this- ordered one size up from non- fitted ib shirts though August 4, 2014
Anytime wear This shirt fit great right out of the box. It has a nice athletic fit that looks wonderful without being too constrictive. I'll wear this shirt just about anytime or anywhere. July 31, 2014
7 days of camping review. This shirt literally sucked the stink off our bodies when we put it on after driving 7 hours. It continued to keep us from stinking for 5 days of camping.(Including hiking 2 1/2 miles with ~80lb. of gear during the summer. Didn't get too warm or cold, but I didn't layer with it.(Temp range 50-95 deg F) Texture is comfortable and I like the offset shoulder seams. Look is nonstandard, but only noticable up close. So far it holds up, but I would like to update after some time. July 19, 2014
Great T-Shirt! I love all of my Icebraker T-Shirts, and I've accumulated quite a few, but my favorites are the 200 gram shirts with raglan sleeves. They are beefy like a traditional cotton T-Shirt and fit great if you have an athletic build. They are also very durable and give you all the benefits of Merino Wool and Icebreaker quality. June 14, 2014
Great shirt, slim fit Got these for my hubby to wear under his uniform for work and he loves them! So much better than cotton undershirts. May 4, 2014
My perfect shirt Yup, I finally found it. I have many Ibex T-shirts that I like a lot. I've tried the Aero and Oasis SS Crewes, and they don't fit nearly as well as this. I only bought this for kicks to see if it might work - and I quickly realized that it is the best-fitting wool T-shirt I own. Also the cheapest. I'm 5-10, 170lb, 41" chest, 33" waist. And in size L, this this is perfect. Works as an underlayer, works as a casual shirt in warmer weather. A bit thicker than most of my wool T's - perfect for those cool mornings. Fits so much better than the other, more expensive stuff, that I'm thrilled. The benefits for me: Sleeves are longer than most - making them just right. Neck hole is perfect diameter. Length is perfect and most important - there isn't a ton of material in the body. Just snug enough not to flap around, but not so tight that you can count my belly hairs. The only bummer? Two boring colors: black and olive drab. Come on! Good colors are all that this thing is missing. April 8, 2014
Why did I wait so long? The endorsement at Canoecopia was strong enough that I had to try Icebreaker Merino wool for my go-to Tee shirt. It has lived up to everything I expected and more. It is comfortable, not the least bit itchy and doesn't pick up smells even after wearing for several days. I had bought it for camping, canoeing and hiking, but have worn almost daily since I received it. No bag, no sag, no smell - what more could I want. April 3, 2014
Best T ever! The 200 gm rib merino wool is perfect as a base layer summer and winter! It matches the original Icebreaker shirts I purchased over 10 years ago ... The origial ones are still going strong. March 26, 2014
Keeps my sides in Not really. But it is form fitting. Like being hugged all day long. Also, is not so short that I feel like I'm wearing a cutoff whenever I try to stretch. Living in the winter regions of michigan, I do notice a difference in how nice and warm it keeps me compared to cotton. The price may be high compared to what I am used to paying for t-shirt, but I feel like it is well worth it. March 19, 2014
Everyday undershirt Great fit, nice and warm, great as general undershirt January 19, 2014
my new favorite first layer This is my fourth IB t-shirt. I have some that are 4 yrs old and still look and perform great. They hold their shape and color, unlike cotton. I bought this one to replace one that got torn. I love the color, the size is right on and the feel is wonderful. As far as the price is concerned, these shirts have outlasted my cotton ones 2 to 3 times. Well worth the $. And they do not hold the stink like cotton even after sweating in them. December 13, 2013
soft, warm, good fit This product is soft, not itchy, and fits well. The cloth is thin and stretches nicely over body curves without feeling tight, yet it is snug. Very warm. Wears 4-5 times between washing easily. Looks decent enough to be worn as a plain shirt. Great product. I am 6-0, 170 lbs and wear a mens large well. December 7, 2013
Awesome This shirt is fantastic. So soft and smooth against the skin that I don't want to take it off. I use to be a big cotton fan but not anymore. Merino wool is the greatest fabric since sliced bread. My Icebreaker T I purchased back in 2007 while thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is still going strong so I'm sure my new shirt will be just as good, if not better. Just wish Icebreaker would come out with a white T so I could get rid of all my cotton ones. December 7, 2013
Dry & Odor Free Confidence This is my first piece of Icebreaker, and first piece of Merino wool clothing at all. In summary, I am very satisfied with my purchase. If you're looking for a single, versatile Merino shirt, this is it. Now the details. Comfort: When I first put on the shirt, it felt very slightly itchy. I soon realized the itch was only noticeable when I was sitting still, and it has subsided altogether with wear. The material is super soft and very comfortable. Fit: I am a tall slim guy with an athletic build -- 6'3", 165lbs, 39" chest, 32" waist. I ordered size medium and it fits great for an athletic base layer or single layer. Fits close all through the chest and waist, and even in the sleeves, which is great for a guy with lanky arms like mine. Perfect for backpacking or biking. The seam design and stretch of the fabric affords great range of motion -- it's easy to forget you're even wearing this shirt. At my height, the length was slightly shorter than I like, but not to the point of being a problem. I noticed the fit loosened up a small amount after a few days of hard wear. Thermal Regulation & Moisture Wicking: A main selling point for Merino, I was eager to test the moisture and thermal regulation of the material. The shirt feels slightly warmer than a cotton t-shirt, though doesn't feel hot when you move a lot. I went for a 2.5 mile hike with 1600' ascent in one hour, carrying a 30-pound pack. 60 degree evening in the woods, no wind. By the top, I was drenched in sweat. However, I did not feel sticky, clammy, or uncomfortable as I would've expected with a cotton shirt. Small disappointment here as the Merino does (a) get really wet during strenuous exercise and (b) feels cold when wet. Maybe my expectations were unrealistic... however, 20 minutes after completing the hike, the shirt was bone dry. Impressive. Odor Management: The day after my 2.5 mile hike, I wore the shirt again, and I was afraid to put it on. However, when I did, it felt and smelled brand new, like I had just brought it home from the store. Amazing! I would never wear any other shirt without washing after what I put it through on that hike the day before. I spent the day hauling and stacking 3 cords of split wood with two other guys. Little to no breeze, 75 degree sunshine. I was again drenched in sweat by the end, and again was completely dry in 20 minutes or so. Dry, non-sticky, and -- incredibly -- completely odor free! I wore the shirt a third consecutive day without washing -- this time to a casual dinner at my inlaws' house. I gave and received hugs and sat next to my mother-in-law at dinner. I even received a compliment from my sister-in-law on smelling nice. At the end of day 3, this shirt still passes the wife-whiff test -- and if she is satisfied with Icebreaker's odor management, then you and I certainly ought to be! Durability: I have not owned this garment long enough to comment on durability or washability, but I will update this later. All said, great shirt, brand, and material. You will not be disappointed. June 17, 2013
Had to take this shirt off This shirt is great. I had to take it off so I could do laundry. This time of year, the short sleeved shirt has been been overrided by the daily use of one of my long sleeve T's. Soon it will be Spring, time for short sleeves again. March 18, 2013
The best shirt you can get Originally, I bought it because it has no logo on the chest and it instantly became my favorite shirt. It has long enough athletic cut, but looks totally casual when rushing through the concrete jungle. If you are looking for your first Icebreaker shirt, this is it. November 22, 2012
I wear it everyday These are the finest undergarments that I have ever owned. I wear them everyday. They live up to their "no odour" billing and I generally wear each shirt for several days in a row (day and night!) before washing. They keep their shape (e.g., no sagging collar) and so far there has been no evident fading. December 10, 2011
Good product, fit is off for me Fit and fabric weight is very good. I wound up returning because the overall garment length is a bit long and the sleeves are definitely too long for my taste with the intent to wear mostly as an under and athletic shirt. If you are a taller and more slender build or these are things you prefer this product is probably for you. I'm 5'10" 167 lbs pretty athletic build and tried a Med for reference. May 19, 2014
Wool t-shirt?!? I purchased the shirt after reading reviews in various magazines. I've worn it three days through some decent workouts and it functions very well. I ask my family "what do you think this shirt is made of?" and then tell them it's wool "No way!" is the response. It may be a little warm for mid-summer here, but it feels great up to the mid-70s. It looks good, feels good, and smells good. April 24, 2014
Tight fit The medium was too tight on my 60 plus husband. His typical size is Medium. Exchanged for a different style that he loved and wore for a week straight! June 18, 2013
A Perfectly Comfortable Shirt Overall, a very well constructed and comfortable shirt. Its 200 g/m2 Merino wool was warmer than my cotton undershirts, but not as warm as my polyester cold gear baselayers. For sizing: I normally wear a large cotton undershirt which is loose fitting for me. Since this Icebreaker was not advertised to be a compression fit, I ordered a large based on their sizing chart. I'm 5' - 9" male, 41" chest, 35 inch waist and 162 pounds. The large fit perfectly on my shoulders and neatly around the rest of my body without compression. There is plenty of stretch available with this everyday shirt, so for buyers who prefer a more secure hug, a medium sized shirt should be fine. The one thing I didn't like about the shirt was its low sitting neckline. I prefer my shirts during cold weather to hug near the neckline. Maybe a medium sized shirt would have done that better. November 18, 2011
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