Anatomica Relaxed Boxers w Fly
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Anatomica Relaxed Boxers w Fly

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Take it easy with these relaxed-fit boxers, which may just be the most comfortable underwear you'll ever wear. They're made from 150gm fabric, our lightest weight of merino, with a touch of LYCRA® for the ultimate fit.
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  • Weight:  150 Ultralight
  • Fabric:  96% merino wool; 4% LYCRA®
  • Fit:  Slim
  • Layer:  Underwear
  • Best for:   Travel & Lifestyle Outdoor & Hiking Snow Sports
  • Benefits:  Ultra lightweight, naturally odor-resistant, breathable
  • Features:  Pouch with fly opening; Striped elastic waistband.
  • Style:  100473
Machine wash. Dries fast in the shade, but do not tumble dry. Exact instructions on the care label.

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Anatomica Relaxed Boxers w Fly 3.9 5 17 17
I love these.... super comfortable and functional. I couldn't be happier. Wondering when everyone else is going to realize the benefits of Merino Wool products such as these. September 23, 2014
My new favorites! Love these - really soft and great fit. I've been wearing various other Icebreaker boxer briefs, but these are definitely my new favorites. September 13, 2014
Very comfortable These briefs are very comfortable all day in a hot pair of jeans or hiking 36 miles in one day. I would highly recommend them for any use. May 21, 2014
ordinary life use I've tried several Icebreaker underpants and those of other Merino specialists. I've liked them all, but these are the best yet. December 18, 2013
Fantastic Feal and Fit! Best fit boxers I have owned, and the addl benefits of Marino Wool results in a "Best in Class" purchase. November 6, 2013
Supreme Comfort I've been using these for about a year. They are more comfortable than cotton, and they've held up very well. I prefer to relaxed fit and don't feel that they are too loose. I'm buying more as my cotton boxers wear out. November 5, 2013
last for days... comfortable, stay clean, saves me the worry of daily washing when i travel. 2 pairs have been to europe and back and made it a week staying fresh. all i wear now May 16, 2013
Great undies; durability a weakness Have been wearing IB undies for years and wouldn't wear anything else. Only issue is longevity - never seem to last beyond two years before either developing holes or blowing out along the elastic waistband. Other than that, they are by far the most comfortable undies I have ever worn and particularly come into their own on long trips thanks to their easy to wash, no-stink properties. September 24, 2014
The best! Icebreaker makes the best underwear, hands down. These boxers don't fit quite as well as purchases in the past. A little loose, but still great. Perfect for Colorado summer wear. Keeps you cool and dry. I have had another pair of Icebreaker undies for almost a year, and show no signs of wear. Simply perfect! June 2, 2014
Comfortable and Relaxed Great boxers, very comfortable. Don't bunch up. The waist band is comfortable too. The wool fabric is great because it wicks away moisture, doesn't smell, and dries quickly. September 12, 2013
Great Fabric. SubPar Fit. The material and feel of these boxers are great and they are well made. However, the thigh portion fits too loose. I figured throwing them in the dryer would tighten them up a little but that didn't work. They do not look like picture. I have large legs and the bottom cuff doesn't fit tight around leg. Not bad for hanging out in sweats but hard to wear with normal pants. January 30, 2014
Great except for the seam Great except for the seam right down the middle of your butt - maybe I will get used to it, but right now it is wedgie city. But the quality and comfort of the fabric is first rate. You can but this as long as you know what you are getting into. January 22, 2014
Great boxers, minus the middle seam I love these boxers except for one issue. The middle seam in the back rides up. I love wearing them for everyday activities, but tried snowboarding in them and won't do that again! They ride up all day long! I would prefer no middle seam in the back. Looks like the Oasis boxers don't have that seam, but bummed because otherwise these are so much better than any other underwear I've used! Especially for active people. If they changed the seam I would buy 5 pairs! January 9, 2014
Too Loose On The Legs The waist is great, and the material feels quite comfortable. However, the boxers aren't very snug around the legs, as pictured. I'm 6'0" and 185 lbs., and I weight lift and run, at least 4 times a week - along with 4 days of boot camp, every week, so I don't have scrawny legs. I feel that there should be some snugness here, but there's not. I'm a little reticent to wear them for running, or boot camp. Don't get me wrong - they're comfortable; they feel and look great, but they're just too loose. I'll hold off on buying more until I know they've redesigned these. I'd recommend these to a friend for casual wear only. September 12, 2013
Loose on thigh Perhaps after a few washings the thigh might fit snugger but at this time the waist is perfect but the legs are least on me. September 4, 2013
Not The Ultimate Fit A couple of issues with this product. I bought two pairs and have worn them for months in the Tropical Weathers of the Philippines and Thailand. * I always have to pull down the legs because they always ride up/bunch up. You have to pull down your pants and adjust down each leg. * Since the seam is right down the middle, (who thought of that?) it rides up again, not great to adjust in public... * The elastic waistband just rolls or folds down when you sit. You have to flatten waistband back up all the way around while standing up. Sure these look great if your a model taking photos but normal use these are a little uncomfortable. and why are these not irreversible design? The Merino Wool Material is great as expected. August 30, 2014
2012 version has superior fit a few years ago, I started buying relaxed boxer shorts from lots of vendors. I wanted to find a material I liked best but more importantly I wanted to find the best FITTING. Well, I found them in the 2011/2012 version of Icebreaker's relaxed 150g boxer. Note: Icebreaker IMHO ruined the fit with their 2013 redesign. The 2012 version was slim fitting and long enough that it never bunched up under my pants. Ultimately it is a perfect fit for me. The 2013 fit is a big disappointment. Basically everything I loved about the fit of the 2012 version has been changed. I have yet to find a garment from the 2013+ redesign that fits me properly. I have constriction, chaffing, binding, bunching, etc in everything I try. Unless Icebreaker changes their fit design back to how it was before the 2013 redesign I'm going to stop buying from them altogether. I rate the boxers a 2/5 because the material used is top notch. But without a decent fit, the boxers are useless so a rating of 2 seems appropriate. The change to the fit design in 2013 has been a big disappointment for me in everything I have bought from Icebreaker in 2013+. I've had to eat the cost of some of these garments because I wear them for a 10-hour shift at work before forming a judgment. It makes it hard to ask for a return. Unfortunately it makes me upset with the company because I end up losing money. I've tried quite a few items over the last year. I was a HUGE icebreaker fan (for their clothing prior to 2013 that is). The only reason I'm bothering to leave a review here is because of how much I loved the clothing prior to 2013. Hopefully this review will get their attention and cause them to act. Any other company I would have just moved on without comment. Items Icebreaker have ruined with terrible fit designs/redesigns include: anatomica crew shirt, legion jacket, kodiak jacket, seeker pants, tech top crew. All of these items "2013" fit is terrible. I absolutely LOVED the look/appearance of the Legion jacket and the Seeker pants. But I HATED the fit of both. The Legion would constrict so bad over my shoulders and across my lats whenever I brought my arms forward, it felt as if the jacket was going to tear. And the Seeker pants were way too short in length, even across two different waist sizes that I tried. I thought I had found the perfect underwear with the 2012 icebreaker boxers. Now Icebreaker's gone and changed them. So I'm back to the hunt to find a replacement for my beloved 2012 icebreaker boxers. June 1, 2014
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